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EdgyTools Gift Certificate
As a hail tech, I always struggled with spending money on tools for myself some reason. Even though I knew in my heart that the new tool or product would make me faster which would make my profit go way up, it always felt a little spoiled or something. One thing I absolutely loved was when someone bought be a new tool! I think of the person and smile each time I reach for it! There was no better feeling! Edgy Gift Certificates make it easy for friends and loved ones to give you tools you will love without having to know what they are or which ones you want.

Simply share this link:

The other thing I loved doing was to show my appreciation after working a great storm by buying the person who gave me the spot some tools. It was win-win since I could easily write the gift off and they knew I appreciated what they did for me and my family. I wish I had done this gift giving even more throughout my career!

With Edgy Gift Cards, you can select any amount you want and they will receive the gift code in a nice email and see that you were thinking of them. I suggest to pick a small % of the money you made at the storm and round it to the nearest hundred but the amount is totally up to you.