PDR Cramp

Can the Control Punch™ help with my pain?

PDR Cramp: Knockdowns can cause damage to more than the paint!


Carpal Tunnel PDR

If you have any pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in your hand it may be a result of pressure on the median nerve that runs through a small space in your wrist known as the carpal tunnel. Repetitive hand movements, especially if the wrist is bent, or making the same wrist movements over and over can lead to swelling which can make the carpal tunnel smaller. Everyone had heard of “Writer’s Cramp” but “PDR Cramp” is only recently being studied. The main research being conducted by the World Hail Network.

Since PDR has only been around for a few decades, long term health issues are only now being realized and PDR Cramp is one of the major complaints among experienced techs.

Holding a traditional knockdown requires finger strength to hold the pencil shaped tool in place while striking it. This striking force travels through the knockdown to deliver a blow to the intended high spot but is partially absorbed by the technician’s fingers and hand. These harmful vibrations have been proven to cause long term damage by other independent studies for other industries using punch style tools.



The new Control Punch allows the force to travel around the fingers and concentrate back to the tip without being absorbed (lost) in the fingers. This means that less striking force is needed to move the same amount of metal. The control punch also allows the user to have their wrist relaxed while maintaining better control. Having the wrist and fingers relaxed helps not only to avoid PDR Cramp, but it also helps to correct and prevent further discomfort.

What will not buying a Control Punch™ Cost?

Imagine losing the use of one of your hands.
What would that look like to your quality or speed?
What impact would that have on your earning potential.
Would you have to change your lifestyle?
Could you provide for yourself and your loved ones?
“You saved my hand and my Business” Tony Mc
edgy-doctorThis 1 tool will make your life better because it will take some of the struggle out of your daily dent repair grind. And let’s face it, sometimes a little struggle is the difference between having a fantastic day and a crappy one.


If you don’t have pain, then that is great! Trust me, you want to avoid it at all costs!
If you do already have pain, you know it can completely ruin an amazing career.
The medical documentation and independent studies proves that the Control Punch reduces harmful vibrations better than any other knockdown on the market, so why wouldn’t you protect the hands that take such good care of you?
 Place your order now, you will be glad you did and I will sleep better knowing that you are taking good care of yourself!

Shop for Hookers

The following is a quick sizing guide: 

Basically, if you measure your middle finger and its width is ¾ of an inch or less between the two knuckles the standard will fit perfectly.

The Large fits fingers just under an inch in diameter.

If you get near the one inch point, jump up to the extra large.

Note: Please be careful not to give anyone in the room “The Finger” when measuring. lol

Check out the Control Punch Sizing Chart Here

Ergo Knockdown
Ergonomic Knockdown
Ergonomic PDR Knockdown

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