Glue Pulling Plates – Honey Holes




These come in a set of all 5 sizes or Individually

0.50″ (13mm)

0.70″ (18mm) (Dime Sized)

1.10″ (28mm) (Slightly Larger than a Quarter)

1.30″ (33mm)

1.43″ (36mm)

Product Description

Glue pulling with a mini lifter...

Glue pulling with a mini lifter will often pull dents into stretched mounds, which often look like mini volcano’s. The Honey Hole will hold the surrounding metal in place allowing you to pull the center of the dent up without causing more work for yourself. Most commonly used for the sail panel and quarter panel or other flimsy areas.

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0.50″ – (13mm)

0.70″ (18mm) (Dime Sized)

1.10″ (28mm) (Slightly Larger than a Quarter)

1.30″ (33mm)

1.43 (36mm)

* Sizes indicate the inner diameter of the hole in the plate. The glue tab diameter must be smaller than the hole.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A This is a special material which we discovered when we found out we could not make the Tab Totes out of acrylic like we first intended. We tried plastics from all over the world and this material was hands down the strongest and held up best to all of our heat / cold / drop / etc. tests we did. It is very similar to a high grade ABS.

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0.50″ – (13mm), 0.70″ (18mm), 1.10″ (28mm), 1.30″ (33mm), 1.43 (36mm), 5 Pack (All Sizes)