The Finger™ – Ding Ring™

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Give High Spots The Finger

Ergonomic Wearable Knockdown


(1) Complete Finger Assembly with Mirror Polished Tip

(4) Soft Caps (60, 70, 80 and 90 durometric hardnesses)

(4) Hard Tips (Rocket Ship and Original Gator Tooth Tip Shapes miniaturized in Black Magic and White Lightning Materials

(1) Extra long medical grade velcro strap

Refill CAPS available Here | Refill TIPS Available Here | Replacement STRAPS Available Here

US Utility Patent Application Pending

Discover PDR Tool Tricks by watching the demo edgy grad


Click Here to learn how to use The Finger Ding Ring and see Demo Videos

Product Description

Most ergonomic, versatile knockdown

The Finger (also known as the Ding Ring™) will amaze you! It’s the knockdown you don’t set down! A little flick of the thumb and it will spring into action and lock into place. This amazing new creation will save you tons of time whether you are repairing a hail damaged roof or working a door through the bottom drainage hole, no more searching for your knockdown. The Finger will give you the most visibility of the high spot because your hand won’t be in the way anymore. With tons of tips and caps, the Ding Ring will give you the exact feel you need, every time!

Click Here to learn how to use The Finger Ding Ring and see Demo Videos

Discover PDR Tool Tricks by watching the demo edgy graduate

What & Why

Ding Ring PDR Knockdown Tool

Is this a joke?

It may look a little gimmicky, but you will absolutely love it! While we don’t think it will be the only knockdown you will ever use, it will most certainly have its time and place.

Is it comfortable?

Yes, we made tons of prototypes until we came up with the best feel and fit for everyone. The medical grade velcro is very thin and gentle. We suggest playing with the tightness until you find the perfect fit. To tight and it may cut off circulation. Too loose and it may slip. Just right and you will love it and might even forget you are wearing it.

Knockdown Caps

Why so many caps?

Each cap is a different material and durometer (firmness)starting with Clear (60), White (70) Grey (80) Black (90). While it may seem like overkill to have so many varieties, we are confident that you will see a huge difference between each one. You may find your favorite and then you will be able to simply reorder that one or you may love them all and you can get the variety refill packs. Either way, you are going to love it!



Finger Tips PDR Knockdown

What material are the Finger Tips?

The Tips are Black Magic and a super soft Nylon (Both in 2 shapes) These shapes have been the proven favorites of PDR techs around the globe and now we have made the miniature. “Honey, I shrunk the tips!” You are going to love how well they work and hold up; even the super soft ones!

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A We use a custom made silicone pad to shield your finger from the plastic piece. Our Surgical Grade Velcro is extremely adjustable and comfortable. Once you set the perfect tension, you will almost forget you are wearing it.


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