Control Punch Strike Plate


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Vendor: EdgyTools SKU: ET-901

Control Punch Strike Plate Replacement

Includes both Precision Fit Stainless Steel & Hybrid (Fits ALL Sizes and Models)

The Hardened Steel Strike Plate will never rust and will last for years. This striker provides a great feel and tremendous force transfer to the tip. Many PDR Technicians enjoy the true feel of the Hardened Steel Strike Plate on their Control Punch™!

The Hybrid Strike Plate is many technicians favorite (including mine) to use on the Control Punch™ knockdown! This makes the Control Punch knockdown even better for your hand with the least harmful vibration transfer on any knockdown in the PDR Industry! Less banging sound is better for working retail, body shop, dealership or any other situation where noise may be frowned upon. You will enjoy the quiet as well! The Hybrid Strike Plate will also help to protect your tapper, whether it be a paddle, hammer or any other object.

Silicon bonded to Steel

Quieter Sound, Softer Feel

Precision Molded (Fits ALL Sizes and Models)

Package includes:

(2) Hybrid Plates
(1) Hardened Steel Plate
(2) Screws

* Note: These will last way longer if you put a little strip of EdgyTape across the top of it. Try not to cover up the EdgyTools Logo. 😉