An image of a titanium knockdown tool used for paintless dent repair.
A car dent removal tool made of titanium with small holes for your fingers.
Image of the Control Punch™ PDR tool with medium size holes for your fingers.
An Image of knockdown PDR tool made of titanium with large 1” size holes to hold with ease.


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Control Punch™ In Solid Titanium! THE Solution To Dent Removal.


  • Made of durable and long-lasting titanium —you will retire from PDR before the tool does!
  • Ergonomic design made with the technician's hands in mind
  • Provides more visibility of the area you are working on
  • Takes the stress away from your hands, fingers, and wrists
  • More control with less physical abuse
  • Force travels around your fingers instead of through them

This knockdown tool for PDR is not titanium-colored or titanium-coated; this beauty is solid titanium carved to shape! These are not sold anywhere else. 

You can only get the Control Punch™ Titanium here on the EdgyTools store so take yours today before they are gone and you are forced to wait. Don’t get left out — your hands are worth the investment on this tool!

This is the cat’s meow! The top-notch, state-of-the-arts PDR Knockdown. This is made for the technicians that want the best tools available in the market. The production of these knockdowns is very limited. The weight of the Titanium Control Punch™ stands in between the aluminum and stainless steel versions. Although, once you pick this PDR knockdown tool up, you will not want to set it down.

Like we mentioned earlier, your hands are worth the investment, and this tool represents just that. Investing in the Control Punch™ Titanium is not only the best option you have in the market to take care of your hands, fingers, and wrists, but it’s also the best choice for your wallet in the long run. The interchangeable tips and caps give you the possibility to have multiple tools in one, and the strong material of this knockdown will guarantee a tool that can outlast your days as a PDR technician.


*Several U.S. Utility and Design Patents filed as well as International PCT