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You will love the Hack Pack sampler!

Top level technicians love these sanding supplies. We basically opened up all of our favorite sandpaper boxes and bags and put together the package that we wish we could have bought and we offered it at the lowest price we could afford.

Super clean sanding means less buffing!

Called the Hack Pack, this sanding supply sampler assortment is actually made for the best techs.

Sometimes even great dent work requires some extra help. As techs, we have found it a little frustrating that in order to try a large variety to see what we like, it was very expensive. We designed the Hack Pack to enable techs to get a large variety that will last a very long time and then you can simply order more of what gives you the best results.

Hack Pack includes:

  • 1 Tolecut Sanding Block
  • 2 Tolecut Sheets – 1500 (roughest) Pink – Each Containing 12 Squares (24 Squares Total)
  • 2 Tolecut Sheets – 2000 (Mid-Grade) Green – Each Containing 12 Squares (24 Squares Total)
  • 2 Tolecut Sheets – 3000 (Smooth) Black – Each Containing 12 Squares (24 Squares Total)
  • 3 Soft Sanding Pads – (One of each: 1500, 2000, 3000)
  • 2 Tolecut Discs – 1500 (roughest) Pink
  • 2 Tolecut Discs – 2000 (Mid-Grade) Green
  • 2 Tolecut Discs – 3000 (Smooth) Black

I personally recommend using a 3 stage sanding process starting with 1500 (if needed) and then sanding with 2000 to remove the 1500 sanding marks. Followed up with 3000 to remove any 2000 sanding marks. At this point, the shine has almost returned so very little compound buffing is required. I will add a video demo of this process soon