PDR Tool Restoration Kit

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Gator Glide - PDR Tool Protectant and Lubricant

(1) 4oz Bottle of Gator Glide™

(1) FINE Good Rub Restoration Block

(1) MEDIUM Good Rub Restoration Block

(1) COARSE Good Rub Restoration Block

Restore and protect your PDR tools.

Take good care of your PDR tools and they will take good care of you!

Well maintained PDR Rods, Whale Tails and Brace Tools will last longer and function better! This kit is mostly products used for cleaning and storing high end swords and I (Dave Streen) have been using it on my PDR Tools for over a decade. I spent a fortune on my kit back in the day but I now have the buying power to purchase in bulk in order to make it affordable for all PDR techs to use.

Simply remove any rust with the Screens (only available in this kit), start with whichever grit Good Rub Restore Block is required to make it shine, (always finish with Fine) and then apply the Gator Glide and your done!