Marketing Services


Most web design firms have no clue what PDR is or what your customers need to see and read to gain enough trust and confidence to contact you for a repair. By the time you explain it all to them, your budget is shot. We know dents and we will develop a fully responsive website for you that will make you money and make you look more professional. See Website Examples


Business cards are an inexpensive marketing tool but that doesn’t mean they should look cheap. We create awesome cards that enhance your branded image and make your phone ring!


The best website in the world doesn’t matter if nobody finds it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how this is accomplished. Our team lives and breathes this stuff which is a must to stay on top of Google and other Search Engine’s constant changes. We show you proof of results with Analytics so you know it is working.


There are endless strategies and tactics to use to gain customers. Knowing which ones will work best for your situation is what we know best. Helping so many dent guys from hail to mobile to retail locations, we have seen and done it all. Let our experts help you get more high paying clients.