New Products

EdgyTools, the leading provider of PDR tools, is proud to announce the launch of their new product line that includes Dave's Book, Hammer Weights, Stubby Chubby, Tire Tower 2.0, Wedge Light and Gator Snaps.
These innovative tools are designed to make your life easier and improve your work efficiency. So whether you're a professional auto body repair specialist or a DIY enthusiast, EdgyTools has the right tools to help you get the job done.

Invent 2 Get Rich Book - Full Color Edition (Signed)

Do you have a million dollar idea? Then this book is for you!
Do you have an idea for a new PDR Tool or possibly a product not related to the automotive industry? In Dave’s new book, INVENT: 2 Get Rich he reveals what you need to know to bring your idea to life.

Dave's Book

Introducing the New Hammer Weights™

By EdgyTools® Designed and Developed by Dave Streen
Blending hammers are very light by design but sometimes the lack of weight causes you more work, requires more striking, and the use of more force to achieve the desired results. Adding Hammer Weights™ is actually easier on your body and gets the work done faster and cleaner. Grab your Hammer Weights™ set today!

Hammer Weights

Stubby Chubby Hanger™

Working in a tight spot or have limited access? Then the Stubby Chubby is for you!
This brand new Edgy Hanger™ was inspired by Daniel Gromm (The Motorcycle Guy) and is designed to provide the ultimate leverage and control in minimum clearance situations. This hanger will save you many times over.

Chubby Hanger

PDR Leverage Tool - Tire Tower Kit 2.0

Adjusts to Any Height **Patent Application Pending**
Stop leveraging off your hand! The new Tire Tower gives you superior power and control when working fenders and bedsides! Whether you are working Hail or a large fender smash, you will want this perfect leveraging device.
The new 2.0 version now has holes in the extensions to make loosening them easier plus a Deluxe Head that is now compatible with both rods and flat bars!

Tire Tower 2.0

Wedge Light

See all of the Bracing, Intrusion Beams, Lock Assembly and Rods, Sound Deadener and any other obstacle in your way. Also handy for viewing in the Quarter Panels and other areas of the vehicle. Ever drop something in the engine? Grab your Wedge Light! Ever drop a headliner screw and can’t find it under the seat? Grab your Wedge Light! Need to find your way in the dark? Grab your WedgeLight!

Wedge Light

Gator Snaps

What the Gator Snap Tip Set does – It lets you quickly and easily change tips with one hand; using the five included tips and those you already own. The additional bases and adaptors in this bundle are for your other push rods.
Why do I need the additional bases and adaptors in the Mega Bundle? You have more than one push rod and the additional bases and adaptors are for them. Use Locktite® or other thread lock material to secure the base and you’ll be ready to attach the tip of choice and adaptor when needed.

Gator Snaps