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In the new book INVENT: 2 Get Rich™, Dave Streen shares his insights and strategies of product development. Dave shares the actual methods he developed to run his successful business in Paintless Dent Repair. If you pick up just a single gold nugget from this easy to read book, you will be way ahead of the game! Grab a copy for yourself today or give one to someone you know it will help. We look forward to seeing your product be brought to market!
Million Dollar Ideas are worthless without a plan and this book basically hands you a plan.

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Designed with industry standard threads!

WOW - Work with 3 tips at the same time without putting any down. Spin the Tri-Dent™ on your finger


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Tired of not being able to see what the heck you're working on? Get lit...Wedge Light


Knockdown Tip Set Bundle

$208.00 $149.00

Pushing Tip Set

$238.00 $149.00

Huge Tiny Weenie Low Profile Tip Bundle

$204.00 $149.00

Hail Rod Pushing Tip Set

$122.00 $95.00

Knockers Tip Set Bundle

$287.50 $215.00

How's It Hangin' Bundle

$155.00 $99.00

Hookers™ and Hangers Bundle

$176.00 $149.00

Cap Guide Master Bundle

$400.00 $229.00

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