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Top Quality

Edgy Tools Testimonial

~ Gene Fetty

Fast Delivery

EdgyTools Comfort and Quality

~ TB Jones III


EdgyTools Customer Service

~ Skyler Reese Teeter

Must Have Tools

EdgyTools Performance and Efficiency

~ Israel Muñoz

Innovative tools for the PDR Industry

Innovative tools for the PDR Industry

~ Mike Bergman

Does not disappoint

PDR Tool guy Doesn't Disappoint

~ Jeff and James

Nice and Professional Stellar Products

Tool Design Review EdgyTools

~ David Wild

It Is Awesome!!

I love this tool. Thanks Dave Streen and Edgytools.com. It is awesome!!

~ Scott Clark

Yes These Are Great Tools!

Yes these are great tools Dave Streen!

~ Keith Cosentino

Way To Go As A Tool Maker!

I think he's like 5 for 5, everything he designed is thought-out and purposeful. Way to go as a tool maker. My next purchase is that tapper two finger holder thing.

~ Sal Contreras

I Used These Like 5 Times

I used these like 5 times in the last 2 days. Bad to the bone! No more turning down those hard lines in the back edges.

~ Jake Durfee

Man I Love It!

Man I love it!

~ Shane Ghent

Wish I Had Ordered Two!

Wish i had ordered two. Soft top and hard top. No switching over. Live and learn. Order two tap downs guys

~ Tim Chase

Love This Knockdown!

Love this knockdown. Haven't used any of my other ones since i got it

~ Rey Sapnu

Very Comfortable!

Love it. It's my go-to knockdown especially for hail and working top panels. Very comfortable in the hand and when you sit down it's not ever going to roll away! Lol

~ Stephen Padgett

Pick One Up!!

My fingers are having an ergasm, or is it ergoasm? Either way they feel good. Thanks Dave Streen these are pretty slick knock downs. If you're on the fence about one - pick one up!!

~ Doug Hillius

Money Well Spent!

Hi, David! ! got to use my edgy tool today, never a S-hook In my bag, tool box, truck, tool case, or my cart again. I threw them in the trash after I used, my edgy tool...

~ Rick Gebhard

Edgy Rocks!

I was having trouble getting the right tools, until i found Edgytools via google search. The amazing bundle really rocks! everything is precision built - high-end materials that will not just protect you, but also produce great results! Can't wait the next revolutionary products that they would come up.

~ Ronal Meija
Car Repair Specialist / The Dentman

Saves A Lot Of Time!!!

Edgytools ain't no Troll in the PDR world! Don't get me wrong, Much in Edgy's products are unique and powerful that will save time in dealing situations. I can't say much... But higly recommended!.

~ Frederick Beltran
Car Mechanic / Owner / Hail Repair


I don't usually trust companies that sell PDR Tools, But that changed when i met Dave, who have shown me his tools and also with a touch of patience in explaining and various details that will not only help me, but gain more clients for my business.

~ Don Davey
Car Tech