Gator Snaps Shake 'N Bake Mega Bundle

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Gator Snaps Shake ’N Bake Mega Bundle

We’re proud to announce the Gator Snaps Shake 'N Bake Mega Bundle. Discover how the Mega Bundle will change the way you work – and yes, you’ll see how a simple change to your push rods can add to your bottom line.

The Shake 'N Bake Mega Bundle combines our Gator Snaps Bundle and Gator Snaps Add-on Bundle into one massive bundle.

What the Gator Snap Tip Set does – it lets you quickly and easily change tips with one hand; using the five included tips and those you already own. The additional bases and adaptors in this bundle are for your other push rods.
Why do I need the additional bases and adaptors in the Mega Bundle? You have more than one push rod and the additional bases and adaptors are for them. Use Locktite® or other thread lock material to secure the base and you’ll be ready to attach the tip of choice and adaptor when needed.
The secret of the Gator Snap Tip Set is conversion - by simply screwing the Gator Snap base on your push tool, you’ve converted a time consuming and sometimes awkward two handed screw-on/off tip changing operation to a smooth and easy one hand snap on/off motion. Saving time = increased profits.
How it works so effortlessly and efficiently - the unique design uses quick release technology for socket and wrench style fit. The base allows the interchangeable tips to attach securely and provide quick removal when needed.
What it’s not using – Magnets. Magnets are not used as they are brittle, stick to unintended metal objects and wiggle; three things that will make you work harder.

Your Gator Snap Shake 'N Bake Mega Bundle includes:

  • 3 Bases – with industry standard threads for attaching to your push rod or tool with Edgy’s famous O-Ring groove™* that reduces wiggle and provides better control while resisting the frustrating loosening so common with other brand tips.
  • 5 High quality lightweight stainless steel precision fit snap on tips with the O-Ring groove™* that reduces tip wiggle and provides better control
    ~ Our super popular Bulls Eye (V) cap – The sharpest pushing tip in PDR
    ~ Short Golf Tee - Great for working through cardboard and other obstructions
    ~ Rocket Ship Cap/Peg Leg – Famous for knocking down but this bad boy is for pushing now. You’re gonna love it!
    ~ Thumper (Cap) – A tip and cap system to satisfy every need
    ~ Round Top - Brand new design – Forgiving yet accurate. Great new addition to the EdgyTools line-up
  • 4 Adaptors - with industry standard threads for screwing in EdgyTools or other standard tips you already own. (All major US PDR tip brands will work)
  • Size – All Gator Snaps tips are 1.2” tall (plus base height of .4”) and .49” diameter so they will fit down a door or in a ½” factory hole.
  • Material – All pieces are made using high quality lightweight stainless steel
    ● Compatible with the EdgyTools Tri-Dent and other EdgyTools pushing tools and tips
    ● Quick one handed switching between tips
    ● Swap tips quickly and easily without having to unscrew or use of magnets

You work hard and EdgyTools are made to take it. We stand behind the Gator Snaps Shake 'N Bake Mega Bundle with our Gator Guarantee. Should this tool ever malfunction from defects in workmanship or materials, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

Improve your PDR game, skills and increase your profits. When you’re looking for the best PDR tools in the industry, look no further. All EdgyTools are designed and created with you, the technician in mind, using our proprietary materials and designs.

*The Gator Snaps Shake 'N Bake Mega Set features the Patent App. Pending O-Ring Groove™ Trade Dress which under Common-Law Rights have become known throughout the PDR and Auto Dent Repair (including bodyshop/collision) Industries thus proprietary to EdgyTools,LLC.


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