Image of the B-Cup Knocker™ with the mirror-finished tip for blending hammers from EdgyTools


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B-Cup Knocker™ - Blending Hammer Tip

(The Original)


  • Mirror-finished tip
  • Made of Super Steel
  • Solid construction
  • Patent app. pending built-in o-ring groove design


The B-Cup Knocker™ is one of our most popular knockers. Its size makes it perfect for almost any job and the mirror-polished finish pushes the metal with ease while giving you clean results. This tip is made with Super Steel and as a solid piece to make them sturdy and long-lasting.

Use the B-Cup Knocker™ to get rails flat in less time than with any other hammer tip from any of our competitors. Our designs are created with the technicians in mind to provide them with the best products that will last a lifetime.


  • (1) B-Cup Knocker™ Blending Hammer Tip

* Patent App. Pending O-Ring Groove & Integrated Threads 

*Although this product has a Lifetime Gator Guarantee, the mirror finish / polished finish needs to be maintained by the customer just like a sharp edge on a knife has to be manually maintained.

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GTIN: 00850021107086
Height: 1.5"
Width: 0.49"
Gross weight: 0.80 oz.
Net weight: 0.66 oz.