I am beyond proud to introduce a man who needs no introduction in PDR.
My friend and yours, Mr. Don Kavanagh.

I first got to spend quality time with Don in his amazing Shop in Minnesota (DentKraftPDR.com). He heard I was vacationing up on an island north of him and he invited me to his shop like a long lost brother. I was a pain in the ass to lock down to a schedule (If you know me, you know) but Don was persistent and to my amazement, when I arrived at his shop I was blown away. Not only because it is one of the nicest PDR Shops I had ever seen but because Don had arranged for over 20 techs to be there to meet and visit with me, one from several states away.


To meet Don is to love him. He sends a vibe of caring and helping and it is apparent immediately that he is special on many levels. Throughout the years, I have been impressed over and over at the high caliber of everything he does, from training, to running his shop, to designing tools, to being a family man, and a natural entrepreneur.

Watching Don hold the first Stanliner Training Event in the US was impressive to witness. His patience and way with people is apparent with everything and his training is proven with over 100 successful techs who love and appreciate him.

I can go on and on but in closing, Don will take your skills to a whole new level if you make the investment in yourself to let him show you the way.

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