Pushers Paradise Mini Set 1 (Aussie Tools 6 Pieces)

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Bundle Includes:

1 Custom Stainless Steel Aussie Set 1/4″ with Ratchet Handles (3 Pieces) – 9″, 15″, & 21″ blades up to the Handle

1 Custom Stainless Steel Aussie Set 5/16″ with Ratchet Handles (3 Pieces) –  12″, 18″, & 24″ blades up to the Handle

Product Description

AUSSIE PDR TOOLS - Custom Ratcheting Speed Handles (Stainless Steel)

Custom Aussie Dent Repair Tools

Systems = Speed  Speed = Money

Some think that McDonald’s makes crappy burgers but they have sold over 40 Billion! Their systems make them fast and consistent! These custom Aussie Tools are the first step towards building speed into your system. You won’t work any harder but you will speed up and I’ll teach you how.

Don’t be afraid of these super sharp tips. You know they are sharp so you will naturally slow down and push softer. The results will amaze you, especially on aluminum hoods!

EdgyTools Exclusive Hail Repair Set

You can only buy these tools or this set from EdgyTools!

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  2. A 12", 18" & 24" on each set


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