An image of the Control Punch™ PDR tool in shiny-green aluminum with a carved crocodile EdgyTool logo.
An image with three different sizes of the green aluminum PDR tool, Control Punch™
A PDR tool in green aluminum with small size holes of .750”
An Image of the Control Punch™ tool with medium size holes use for paintless dent repair
A large Control Punch™ PDR tool in green aluminum with large size holes


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Think this is expensive for a PDR knockdown? This is no ordinary knockdown! Your hands make you money! Protect them with the Control Punch, the only knockdown that eliminates harmful vibrations! Extend your career and get the benefits for a lifetime with the money you make the first time you use it.

Introducing the best PDR Knockdown ever developed… The Most Accurate, Ergonomic, Patented… the Control Punch™

NEW Control Punch gives you unmatched comfort and control while virtually eliminating harmful vibrations. (Read More) ONLY ControlPunch’s revolutionary patented ergonomic design allows you to get the perfect strike without stress. Now you really can work for hours on end without that painful hand and wrist ache you can get from working with a traditional knockdown (that can lead to more serious problems)!



Finally, a PDR Knockdown designed with the technician in mind!
Force travels around your fingers instead of through them!
More control with less physical abuse!
High Spots will fear you with this in your hand!


*Several U.S. Utility and Design Patents Filed as well as International PCT