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Original Tiki Round Gator Tooth™ Knockdown Tip

You Loved the Original Gator Tooth™ Knockdown Tip - So we improved it What could be done to improve this favorite tip?

  1. We developed a softer tip in the same favorite shape that is ideal when working on luxury cars with high-end paint
  2. Created using Tiki, our custom blend of plastic and wood with specific characteristics. Together they provide the exact durability & hardness needed to produce the ultimate PDR tip that delivers the feel and force that is among the best on the market.
  • The professionals’ everyday softer knockdown and blending tip. Perfect when working on high-end paint jobs.
  • Accurate, durable and non-marring
  • Great feel and force delivery for efficiency
  • Engineered incorporating our O-Ring Groove (patent pending) that reduces wiggling and provides better control
  • Uses industry standard threads for use on tools you already own

OringUsed for knockdown and blending, this improved version of the Original Gator Tooth™ Knockdown tip is widely accepted as a favorite of professionals. The improved softer tip is accurate, durable, forgiving, and non-marring. Made using Tiki, our specially formulated material of wood and plastic that together delivers a feel and force that is among the best in the industry. Also, to reduce wiggling and provide added control we designed, engineered and incorporated our O-Ring Groove (patent pending). Combined, these features help you easily get the job done without damaging the paint when working on high-end vehicles.

The Original Tiki Round Gator Tooth™ Knockdown Tip is manufactured with industry standard threads so it can be used on most tools you already own.

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Edgy Tool Tip #4– Using the proper tip allows you to work smarter and not harder.

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Height: 1" (Not including threads) - Diameter: 0.5"

GTIN: 00850021107024
Height: 1" (Not including Threads)
Diameter: 0.5"
Gross Shipping Weight (packaging Included): 0.5 oz.
Net Product Weight: 0.18 oz.


Dave Says

“I set out to find the best possible material to make the perfect PDR Tip. I believe I found it!Then, we took the time tested and proven shape of the Gator Tooth Tip (ET-1) and recreated it using this new material which we call Tiki. Similar to Trex Decking, the Tiki material is a mixture of wood and plastic. The formulation allows it to be ideal for knocking down.

I searched for this new material because I wanted to develop the absolute best PDR Tip on the market. My vision was that a tech would keep it in a special jewelry case in their glove box and only pull it out when they really needed the best results like when fixing a dent on a Lamborghini or a celebrity’s car or something. Luckily, nobody read my marketing and they used these Tiki Tips on their everyday knockdowns and blending hammers. They loved it, got great results, and it holds up really well!

Tip: Some techs use the Original Black Magic version for wholesale and the Tiki version for retail. Whatever you decide, you’ll be happy you’re using Edgy Tips!