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Vendor: EdgyTools SKU: ET-302

Thumper Tip Refill Caps

PDR Cap Guide

The Thumper Tip and Caps might look very similar to the Crown Killer Set but I assure you, they work very differently and you will want both in your tip arsenal! 

We basically started with our super popular Crown Killer Tip meant for knocking down but found out that a lot of techs were pushing with them even though they were designed just for knocking down large crowns. They loved having the options of the soft, medium, firm caps. Once we heard this so many times, we set out to make a version just for pushing and the Thumper was created.

Imagine that we stretched out a Crown Killer Tip to make it longer and narrower so the caps would still fit in a half inch hole but would have more side-wall and more cushion at the top of the tip. This is the Thumper tip for pushing but I love the irony that the Thumper PDR Pushing tip became one of my favorites for knocking down and blending. LOL

Each package comes with 12 Thumper Caps. You get 4 of each hardness:

4 Soft
4 Medium
4 Firm

 Note: These caps fit the Thumper Hybrid Tip (ET-108).