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CRAP TAPE is tear-able and perfect for blending dents.

PDR Tape is a fantastic PDR trick-of-the-trade. “Crap Tape is tearable” Unlike the famous EdgyTape which must be cut with sharp scissors as it is impossible to tear by hand, this Crap Tape is easily torn making it very convenient and fast. It will not last as long as EdgyTape for pushing dents, but it will do a nice job helping you “fluff up” the dent with soft, wide pushes. Since Crap Tape is so soft and has such a high abrasion resistance rating, it makes it ideal for blending dents! Simply put a couple of short strips on a large-sized blending tip and you will fall in love with crap tape!

You might be asking why we would sell Crap Tape. The answer is simple: When EdgyTools first started, I believed I had found the perfect PDR Tape and ordered 500 rolls. Like many techs who have been burned buying tape on Amazon and receiving the wrong tape, I did this on a large scale. I gave a bunch of this new tape away to friends to test in order to get feedback on how well it performed. In the meantime, I successfully found the direct source to the manufacturer of Tesa Tape and so I boxed up all of this “Crap Tape” and put it on the shelf and started selling the best Tesa Tape available as Edgy Tape. Years later, the guys that I gave the original rolls of the crappy tape started running out and asking me for more. I told them to buy Edgy Tape and they said, no I would like more of the “crap tape” you sent me. I was shocked and asked why they would possibly want more and they explained that they love EdgyTape and use it often but they also like to carry this Crap Tape for its convenience and how it offers an even softer push. That’s how Crap Tape got its second chance and its name. We later discovered how much easier and nicer it made blending dents in rails and so now we are offering it to everyone. Say goodby to the little pits left in the paint by most blending tips.

You will notice softer, quieter strikes with the same movement of the metal. The super-soft fabric has high abrasion resistance so you can achieve better blending results easily and Crap Tape will last a long, long time!