When speed matters most during the dent repair process, the pros use the 3-In-1 Tip from EdgyTools
3-IN-1 TIP
3-IN-1 TIP
3-IN-1 TIP

3-IN-1 TIP

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This tip is amazing for hail! Compact, snap-on silver tip locks on to the golf tee! unbelievably handy!

Like a magic trick... the 3-In-1 Tip is ideal for hail repairs.

Let’s say you are pushing hail damage with one of the soft caps and need to pick out some little lows or push through some sound deadener, simply reach in and pull off the spring-loaded cap to reveal the golf-tee tip. One-handed operation makes it fast and convenient!


(1) Internal Tip (Like Golf Tee Tip)

(1) Exterior Tip (Like a long Crown Killer)

(2) Pushing Caps (1 Purple Silicon + 1 Black Neoprene)

* Patent App. Pending O-Ring Groove & Integrated Threads