An Image of the C-Cup Knocker blending tip from EdgyTools for paintless dent repair



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C-Cup Knocker™ - A PDR Blending Hammer Tip



  • 21 mm head width (About the Size of a Quarter)
  • Made from our Super Steel
  • High mirror polish
  • Solid construction
  • Patent App. Pending built-in o-ring groove design

EdgyTools’ Knockers™ are the best in the PDR industry. This bad boy will help you get rails flat in no time. Our solid construction methods and the use of our Super Steel make this blending tip a tough tool that will last a lifetime. The C-Cup Knocker™ features a 21mm head width that allows you to see what every tap does without having to move the tool out of the way too much.


  • (1) C-Cup Knocker Blending Hammer Tip

* Patent App. Pending O-Ring Groove & Integrated Threads