Image of the Crown Killer™ ball tip from EdgyTools used for PDR
PDR Tip for repairing large damage
The Crown Killer™ ball tip PDR tool with an orange silicone cap from EdgyTools


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Crown Killers™ Ball Tip Knockdown System 2.0


  • Different silicone and rubber caps for every situation
  • Patent app pending O-Ring Groove
  • Made out of our Super Steel
  • The go-to tip for crowns

Crown Killers Ball Tip and Caps System™ might look a little familiar, but a lot of engineering and technology went into creating these — over two years' worth! The magic is the different colored caps which step up 10 durometers of firmness each time. Just about every vehicle make and model metal pushes differently nowadays, and now you can use a cap that’s been designed to keep up with the ever-changing metals! This is the first time the PDR industry has had a real choice to move the metal the way you want to!

The best PDR Soft Caps

Another feature you may not notice at first glance is the built-in step. Basically, when a cap seats against the end of the tip, it is supported, which means that the top of the tip will not push through the top of the cap as quickly. We added a step that basically doubles this seating phenomenon. Also, our tips and caps are perfectly mated, whereas most others have a round tip and a squared-off top of the cap interior, which creates air gaps and false pressure.

The Crown Killer™ tips feature the patent app pending O-Ring Groove which has made EdgyTools tips known as the best in the industry. It allows the tips to snug uptight without the o-ring squeezing out and breaking. They are made of Super Steel, a very high grade of steel, which allows them to be extremely hard!


  • (1) Ball Tip featuring the Patent App. Pending Built in O-Ring Groove Design and is made of Super Steel
  • (1) Soft Green Silicone Cap – 60 Durometer
  • (1) Medium Orange Silicone Cap – 70 Durometer
  • (1) Firm Black Rubber Cap – 90 Durometer

Refill Packs available here

* Patent App. Pending O-Ring Groove & Integrated Threads

GTIN: 00850021107079
GTIN: 00850021107079
Height: 1.5"
Diameter: 0.49"
Gross Weight: 1.2 oz.
Net Weight: 0.78 oz.