Pasties Knockers Caps

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PDR Cap Guide

It seems nowadays that every panel on every vehicle is different. Steel isn't just steel anymore. There is High Strength Steel (HSS) and Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS), composite steels with boron and other exotic materials, not to mention all of the types of aluminum being used to make car panels. It goes without saying that these metals all move differently and require new ways for us PDR techs to move and shape them. This is the logic behind the Pasties, and all Edgy Caps! We came up with different materials of various durometers (hardness or squishiness) so you always have better control and feel when knocking down and blending rails and other vehicle panels. Try these Pasties on your knockers tips and you will be delighted! They last a ridiculously long time and make a world of difference in your blending control and results!

Each package comes with 6 Pasties Knockers caps. You get 2 of each hardness:

2 Soft (Silicon)
2 Medium (Neoprene)
2 Firm (Rubber)

Protect your valuable Knockers Tips as well as use the different durometers when working on various materials. For Example: Green Cap for a soft Honda Civic Sail Panel versus a Black Pasty when Blending a tight F-150 Truck Rail.

Note: These caps fit the Original Knockers Blending Tip (ET-6), and the new Tiki Knocker Tip (ET-13).