PDR Leverage Device - Edgy Hangers

PDR Leverage Device - Edgy Hangers



If you’re serious about dent repair, you need tools that will keep you productive, speedy, and accurate.

So why are even the top professionals forced to rely on improvised leveraging accessories to use when pushing out dents?

Maybe you're still using cheap $3 S-hooks or chains from the hardware store? Anyone who’s used those knows they are not ideal!

  • The first problem is they don’t sit securely in the hole where you need them to stay. The round cross-section often just puts too much pressure on edges of access holes, and that can tear the holes, which is both embarrassing and time-consuming.
  • With one or more joining sections, S-Hooks and chains slip and wiggle creating something extra to fight in order to get the push you want.
  • Then, of course, the rounded shape of the ends can also slip right out of the hole, causing potentially damaging impact. I have seen guys chip their teeth when the s-hook pops out and the rod flies up in their face! Not good!
  • What can be even worse is when they suddenly fail under extreme pressure — the last thing you need to happen when you're putting all your power through that rod!

Or maybe, if you’ve gotten sick enough of the S-hooks and chains, you have probably done what a lot of the professional dent repair guys I know have done, and built your own contraption using whatever you have lying around. 

While these can work much better, it’s still a compromise. The fact remains, nobody has ever designed a dedicated tool to do this job perfectly... Until EdgyTools did!

EdgyTools PushPerfect Hangers are the first tools purposely designed for the job!

Now you have a tool at your fingertips that has been designed by dent repair professionals for dent repair professionals, to make your work safer, easier, faster, and more profitable!

Here’s how our Hangers make your life so much easier (and help you make more money)!

Push Perfect Hangers can help you use your push rod in a number of different areas around the vehicle...

  • Under the hood
  • Under the deck lid
  • For pushing out dents on the roof, when the vehicle doesn’t have full metal door frame (so when a hail strap can’t work)
  • And even via the rear light cluster cavity, used for pushing out dents in quarter panels
  • They are awesome for working a door when the interior panel is removed

Its computer-designed flattened contact face helps the Hanger sit securely on panels with minimal pressure, so minimizing the chance of damaging the Metalwork. 

Plus the half-pipe shaped saddle helps keep the rod pointing true, reducing swiveling, which means less chance of causing accidental damage.

No more slips leaving a dreaded reverse crease, which can be almost impossible to repair 100% and will suck up to an hour of your time — unpaid of course!

This is a tool that won’t wobble, swing, swivel, or twist on you!

Constructed in a single piece of high-grade specially hardened steel, these Hangers will take all the punishment you can throw at them! We have tested them with 1000 ft/lbs of leverage! This is a tool you can TRUST.

Super-tough e-coating helps protect both the tool and the bodywork. 

Connect two (or even three) together to use with a double-bend rod. (Or, if you regularly use a 1”-diameter rod, we have a Magnum Hanger just for you!)

If you use a flat bar, then you absolutely need the Ninja Flat Bar Hanger!

Think about it... When you need to work fast, efficiently, and accurately, you NEED a tool you can totally trust.

When you have customers lined up to have their cars fixed, every minute counts! And if you can get $100-$400 per hour worked, every slip-up or extra task isn't just taking your time, it’s costing you dollars!

That’s why, at just $30, these won't just make your life easier, they'll make you richer too!

Stop fooling around with crude together solutions, go pro! Order your EdgyTools PushPerfect Hangers today!