The Importance Of Having The Right PDR Tools

The Importance Of Having The Right PDR Tools

There is no doubt that an experienced PDR technician can get the job done with almost any tool — this profession needs a high level of expertise and requires patience. This does not mean that a PDR specialist has to suffer through using ineffective and hard to use objects to finish the job, or even worse, hurt their hands in the process because the tools are not meant to be ergonomic or easy to hold.

EdgyTools wanted to shed some light on how important it is to have not only the right but the best PDR tools that you can find in the market. Your time is money and your hands are your money makers, so with this being true, why would you settle for tools that make you work slower or that would damage your hands in the long run?

Time Efficiency

Having the right PDR tools can drastically reduce the time you need to spend on a dent or a crease. Fewer taps or pulls for each damage section in a car can potentially mean hours doing something else or even working on more projects and, thus, making more money!

Don’t let a flaky hammer or unstable tapping tool stand in the way of finishing the job earlier with the same results.


Job Quality

Yes, we said it before, the skill is in the technician. However, what if the tools that you are using are not as good as you thought they were when you bought them? This can mean that the tool could be scratching the paint or even break after a few jobs, meaning you would be spending more money on the tools instead of buying one that would last you years no matter how much you beat it.

Your Hands

Hands are the most important tool for a PDR technician. If you get your hands injured your factory stops producing and we don’t want any of that to happen. There are many ways to damage your hands when doing PDR.

PDR work requires you to hold tools, sometimes in awkward positions to be able to reach the damaged area and hit it with the right angle and force to make sure that you are not breaking something more than you are actually fixing it. These movements and angles put stress on your hands and wrist which can turn in the future into carpal tunnel syndrome or other problems that can force you to quit early from the job.

The ergonomics in each tool has to be just right, that way your hands don’t get tired and are always being supported by the tools you use and not the opposite; harming your hands. This is something that EdgyTools offers, a wide range of tools and equipment that you can use for your PDR work which at the same time offer support for your wrists and hands making it less likely to injure yourself. One of the tools that help in this way and we are proud of offering to our customers is the Control Punch™ you can learn more about the tool and its variants here!

Save Money

Buying the right tools with good quality will save you money in the long run. Time and again, we hear some of our customers talk about their previous experiences with other tools that were allegedly good tools only to have them break or stop working properly a couple of jobs in. The wrong PDR tools can burn a hole in your pocket without you even noticing.

If you buy a blending tip today, then you go and work on three to five vehicles and the tip breaks, it’s a bad sign. Yes, you could have made thousands of dollars on those few jobs, but let’s say you did those vehicles in the span of two weeks and the tip was worth $30 dollars. A year after that point, if you stayed as busy as you were in those two weeks, you would have spent more than $700 on tips, and that’s just counting one tip.

Don’t allow those bad tools to diminish your hard-earned money!


There are many companies out there claiming that they sell awesome and top-notch PDR tools but their guarantee policy is nowhere to be found. You want, no, you deserve to have the best quality in the market to improve your PDR game while being backed by a lifetime guarantee. At EdgyTools, that’s exactly what we offer you and that’s why our customers keep coming back!

No Greater PDR Tools and Accessories

We strive to make the best PDR tools in the market. We are confident to say this not because it is what we believe — even though we do — but it’s because of the countless, amazing customers who tell us how pleased they are after every purchase and some of them contacting us months later to let us know that their tools are still going strong and working like new.

Don’t be fooled. Purchase the best PDR tools that are American-made, have the best ergonomic design, and have a lifetime guarantee today. Contact our team if you need more information about our tools and what we do!