Dent Repair Finishing Tips | The Hack Pack Sanding Supplies

We all know that the last 5-10% of a dent repair are the hardest. It is also the difference between a hack and a pro. Even the best PDR technicians can’t bring every dent up completely clean, especially if they are pushing their limits. That is where the wet or dry sanding comes into play. It can remove little dimples and imperfections making your work look great. It can also show you what is truly going on because the low spots will remain shiny as the high spots dull.

The Hack Pack is the perfect starter kit for automotive sanding

The Hack Pack was designed to give you an affordable way to try all of the best products before ordering large quantities. Although it is a smaller pack, it will last a long time (months).

The Hack Pack Sanding Kit is a perfect glove box or behind the seat item. When you need it, you have it!