Know More About Edgytools

Know More About Edgytools

EdgyTools is highly focused on creating ergonomically correct tools and accessories to help paintless dent repair technicians perform cleaner work with less strain and effort.

We have lots of fun with our marketing and tool creation. Our Hookers™ are a great example of this enjoyment. We started with the proven technologies that body shops and collision centers have embraced for decades and adapted them to fit in our smaller and lighter slide hammers; previously only used for glue pulling. Since they hook around door and fender edges, we called them Hookers™ and dressed Edgy (our alligator mascot) up as a Pimp.

Then we created our Patented Control Punch™ which is the only ergonomic knockdown created for the PDR industry. We dress Edgy up as a doctor to bring attention to the industry how bad the vibrational forces from repetitive knocking down can be on our fingers, thumb, hands and wrists. Even shoulder and neck pain can be traced back to these damaging blows. The design of the Control Punch™ allows the vibration to travel around your fingers and to the tip where it is wanted.

Our Tab-Tote™ has done wonders in the way of glue pulling. It eliminates so much twisting and bending; saving time and your back. With its patent pending slot design, it holds the glue tabs in an all new way. The shelf creates a barrier to protect your hands from painful glue burns.

Our most popular items are our Hangers™! These Push-Perfect Hangers™ are the best leverage device available for dent repair due to their solid steel construction. They do not damage the holes like the old S-Shaped Hooks did. They provide a true push which delivers better quality while virtually eliminating those horrid tool slips.

We have many more tools and products to check out and always look for hidden jokes and tricks. 😉

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